Terms and Conditions

When you bring home an Abyssinian Kitten from our cattery, we kindly request that you inform us of any changes in your contact information within 90 days to ensure accurate records. As part of our health guarantee, we require you to quarantine your new kitten from other household pets for the initial 48 hours. During this period, it is important to keep your kitten or cat isolated until it has been examined by your licensed veterinarian. It is your responsibility to have your kitten or cat checked by a licensed veterinarian within 48 hours of receiving it for the guarantee to remain valid. Failure to do so will result in the voiding of the health guarantee. We also recommend performing a combo test for FIV and Leukemia during this examination and keeping the negative results for your records.

All of our Abyssinian kittens are guaranteed to be negative for FIV and Leukemia. However, we cannot be held responsible for any future diagnosis of FeL, FIV, or other bacterial, viral, infectious diseases, or parasites that your kitten may contract after leaving our cattery. These ailments can be acquired anywhere in the environment and are not a result of genetics or breeding. It is your responsibility to protect your kitten or cat from these diseases, illnesses, parasites, and fungi.

To maintain this guarantee, your kitten or cat must not come into contact with another feline before being checked by a licensed veterinarian and tested first. If your kitten or cat is diagnosed with a life-threatening illness, please notify us immediately by phone, email, and written letter, and consult with your diagnosing veterinarian. Genetic testing may be required.

As the new owner of an Abyssinian Kitten, you accept the responsibility of caring for your kitten or cat and ensuring its well-being. You agree to provide timely veterinary care for any illness or injury your kitten or cat may experience throughout its lifetime. You also agree to provide yearly preventative health check-ups and exams to monitor any health changes. Please note that we are not financially responsible for veterinary care throughout the lifetime of your kitten or cat.

Under no circumstances should you euthanize your Abyssinian Kitten or cat without our consent. If any serious health problems arise, you must contact us immediately so that we can discuss the appropriate plan of action.

To monitor your cat’s heart health, we recommend providing your Abyssinian Kitten or cat with an annual echocardiogram (ultrasound) of the heart with a Board Certified Cardiologist starting at 2 years of age. This is particularly important as heart conditions can occur in the Abyssinian breed. We kindly request that you share copies of your kitten’s or cat’s future annual HCM scans with us to assist in the prevention of life-threatening congenital heart defects in our breeding program. It is important to take proactive steps to ensure your cat’s future health.

Finally, we require that you keep your Abyssinian Kitten or cat indoors at all times in a clean and comfortable environment. Your kitten or cat should not be caged, and you should provide proper nutrition, healthcare (including yearly veterinarian examinations and vaccinations), companionship, and adequate space for exercise. Your kitten or cat should never be allowed outside or exposed to other kittens or cats living outside of your indoor household, or our guarantee will be void. Please do not allow your kitten or cat to roam outdoors freely, as this action exposes them to immediate climate or environmental-related dangers and hazards. Under no circumstances should you sell, give away, donate, or transfer your kitten or cat to any other individuals, including pet shops, breeders or catteries, research laboratories, rescue groups, shelters, or similar entities.

In the event that you can no longer keep your Abyssinian Kitten or Cat, regardless of its age, please notify us

immediately by both phone and email. Arrangements will be made for the kitten or cat to be surrendered to The Abyssinian Cattery, unless other arrangements are agreed upon prior to placement in writing with the notarized consent of The Abyssinian Cattery agreeing to the placement, with no exceptions. If shipping is required to return the kitten or cat to The Abyssinian Cattery, the Purchaser will be responsible for all related shipping expenses.

The Purchaser agrees to NEVER give FIP vaccines to their Abyssinian Kitten or Cat from The Abyssinian Cattery. It is crucial to find a veterinarian who is familiar with the Abyssinian breed. Abyssinian kittens and cats may have adverse reactions to vaccinations for FeL/FIV. We recommend administering 4 FVRCP, 2 FeLV, and 1 Rabies during the first year of life, followed by annual FVRCP and Rabies vaccinations for the remainder of their life, with no FIP vaccine. The initial FVRCP vaccination should be given between 6-8 weeks of age, followed by subsequent doses every 4 weeks until 16 weeks. The cattery is not responsible for any warranty against adverse reactions to these or any other future vaccinations for the kitten or cat.

The cattery does not recommend vaccinating their kittens or cats for FIP, Ringworm, or Giardia. FIP vaccines can be fatal if your cat has ever been exposed to the coronavirus, which is the case for approximately 90% of cats in multiple-cat households. If given the vaccine, they may develop the fatal form of FIP. There is currently no known treatment for FIP, and it is a fatal condition. The Purchaser agrees and understands that if any of these vaccines are administered at any time throughout the life of the Abyssinian Kitten or Cat, the health guarantee and contract will be void.

The Purchaser understands that it is REQUIRED that all current cats owned by the Purchaser should be combo tested for FIV and Leukemia BEFORE bringing in their new Abyssinian Kitten or Cat. This requirement also applies to any outdoor cats that may come into the home and come into contact with the Abyssinian. A combo test is a quick blood test typically costing around $40, which can be completed within 20 minutes at your veterinarian’s office. By not adhering to this requirement, the Purchaser is aware that they may be putting their Abyssinian at risk of contracting FIV and/or Leukemia and acknowledges that the health guarantee is void.

The Purchaser agrees to NEVER DE-CLAW any Abyssinian Kitten or Cat from The Abyssinian Cattery. Declawing cats can have severe consequences, and it is advised to research alternative options such as nail caps or regular nail trimming. Providing cat trees and scratch pads is also recommended to fulfill their natural scratching behavior.

Any violation of the terms in this contract will result in the voiding of the contract and may lead to legal action. If the Purchaser is found to disregard or violate ANY TERMS in the contract, the kitten or cat must be unconditionally surrendered to The Abyssinian Cattery at the Purchaser’s expense. The Breeder will regain full physical and legal ownership of the kitten or cat, including any relevant registration documents, with no exceptions. The contract will be enforced, with or without due process of the law, for any violation of the terms, without compensation to the Purchaser.

Breeder Guarantee

Welcome to Russian Blue Kitten Home, where we strive to provide our customers with the healthiest and most well-cared-for kittens. Our kittens are current on all age-appropriate vaccinations, dewormed, freshly bathed, and have their nails clipped, and ears cleaned. We go above and beyond to ensure that our kittens are in the best possible condition when they go to their new homes. Our experienced breeder is available throughout the lifetime of the kitten or cat to answer questions, help with concerns, and give sound advice.

To hold a Russian Blue Kitten Home’s kitten or cat of your choice, a non-refundable deposit must be made to the breeder. The deposit is applied to the purchase price of the kitten or cat. We guarantee that the kitten or cat will be in sound health for up to 48 hours from the time of purchase or arrival. Within the 48-hour health guarantee period, we recommend that the kitten or cat be quarantined from other pets until examined by the purchaser’s licensed veterinarian. If, upon examination, the kitten or cat is diagnosed with a life-threatening illness, it is required that the breeder be notified immediately by the purchaser by both a written letter email and a telephone call to the breeder from the consulting veterinarian. DNA analysis may be required.

At Russian Blue Kitten Home, we stand behind the health of our kittens or cats. If the kitten or cat is diagnosed with a life-threatening illness, the breeder reserves the right to replace the kitten or cat at their discretion. The breeder reserves the right to take up to 12 months to replace the kitten or cat provided the breeder is actively breeding. However, the breeder will always try to replace the kitten or cat out of the next litter if possible. No monetary refunds will be given, no exceptions. Trust us to provide you with healthy and happy kittens.

At Russian Blue Kitten Home, we stand behind the health of our kittens and cats. We guarantee that your new kitten or cat will be free of life-threatening congenital defects, including HCM, until 2 years of age. In the unlikely event that your kitten or cat dies within the guaranteed time period due to a life-threatening congenital defect, we will replace your kitten or cat if an appropriate necropsy is performed, along with appropriate DNA analysis.

To qualify for a replacement, a written certificate from your veterinarian must be provided, along with an explanation that the death was caused by a congenital defect. We may also require a photo of the deceased kitten or cat, as well as copies of vet records.

At the discretion of the breeder, a replacement kitten or cat of comparable quality and value will be provided within 12 months, provided that the breeder is actively breeding. We will always strive to replace the kitten or cat from the next available litter. We do not offer monetary refunds under any circumstances.

Please note that the purchaser must not modify the kitten or cat in any way, including tattoos, piercings, etc. We want to ensure the health and well-being of our kittens and cats, and we appreciate your cooperation in maintaining their natural state.